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Matka Online Play Result

(23 Jul 2024)


  • 115

  • 76

  • 330

10:00 AM11:00 AM


  • 168

  • 51

  • 579

11:20 AM12:20 PM


  • 789

  • 47

  • 160

11:25 AM12:25 PM


  • 460

  • 06

  • 349

12:50 PM01:50 PM


  • 249

  • 53

  • 670

01:20 PM02:20 PM


  • 470

  • 17

  • 467

02:50 PM04:50 PM


  • 458

  • 70

  • 370

03:10 PM05:10 PM


  • 690

  • 55

  • 267

03:30 PM05:30 PM


  • 367

  • 61

  • 119

07:10 PM08:10 PM


  • 167

  • 42

  • 129

08:00 PM10:00 PM


  • 359

  • 74

  • 446

08:20 PM10:20 PM


  • 459

  • 88

  • 369

08:50 PM10:50 PM


  • 340

  • 78

  • 378

09:10 PM11:20 PM


  • 134

  • 81

  • 579

09:20 PM11:35 PM


  • 770

  • 40

  • 136

09:30 PM11:55 PM

About us

Let your guessing win you massive amount through RR Starline App. Join our platform for expert advice and Matka tips. Get the most trusted results daily. Play Online Matka through RR Starline is the most preferred and platform for online Matka play. It provides the most updated Satta Matka play results. Our app is one stop for all the updated live results for various Matka market. Use RR Starline to get the live updated results and earn huge profit. Earn Real Money through your tricks and updates.

We provide you with fastest online results of every bazar in the matka industry. We provide fastest results of SRIDEVI DAY, TIME BAZAR, MADUR DAY, RUDRAKSH DAY, MILAN DAY, RAJDHANI DAY, SUPREME DAY, KALYAN DAY, SRIDEVI NIGHT, SUPREME NIGHT, MILAN NIGHT, RAJDHANI NIGHT And MAIN RATAN.

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App Screenshots

Game Time Table

Market open close Results
RUDRAKSH MORNING 10:00 AM 11:00 AM View Chart
SRIDEVI 11:20 AM 12:20 PM View Chart
MADHUR MORNING 11:25 AM 12:25 PM View Chart
TIME BAZAR 12:50 PM 01:50 PM View Chart
MADHUR DAY 01:20 PM 02:20 PM View Chart
MILAN DAY 02:50 PM 04:50 PM View Chart
RAJDHANI DAY 03:10 PM 05:10 PM View Chart
KALYAN 03:30 PM 05:30 PM View Chart
SRIDEVI NIGHT 07:10 PM 08:10 PM View Chart
RUDRAKSH NIGHT 08:00 PM 10:00 PM View Chart
MADHUR NIGHT 08:20 PM 10:20 PM View Chart
MILAN NIGHT 08:50 PM 10:50 PM View Chart
KALYAN NIGHT 09:10 PM 11:20 PM View Chart
RAJDHANI NIGHT 09:20 PM 11:35 PM View Chart
MAIN BAZAR 09:30 PM 11:55 PM View Chart

Game Play Rates

  • SINGLE DIGIT 10 ka 90
  • JODI DIGIT 10 ka 900
  • SINGLE PANA 10 ka 1400
  • DOUBLE PANA 10 ka 2800
  • TRIPLE PANA 10 ka 7000
  • HALF SANGAM 10 ka 10000
  • FULL SANGAM 10 ka 100000

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How To Play

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  • 1. Download App

  • 2. Click On Sign In

  • 3. Enter User Id & Password

  • 4. Select Game & Play The Game

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Playing Matka through RR Starline feels like a real-life experience. Select the game you want and a number in the range from 0 to 9. After you place a bet, AI will decide on three different numbers and add them up. If the total number has two digits, pay attention to the last one. Have you placed your bet on this number? Congratulations! Go check out your RR Starline Win History and withdrawal options.

RR Starline provides the results of all Matka Bazar options, from Time Bazar to Sridevi Night to Supreme Day. Download it today to play online Matka and access those results via your smartphone whenever you’re into it!

Keep tabs on Matka game results and withdraw your points

Have you already placed your bet with RR Starline? It’s a cinch to track all your bets and wins across Matka game varieties. You can check them through the app or our website for online Matka results. These are available for the most popular games at scheduled times.

Is your bet a winning one? Go rub your hands while double-checking Satta Matka fast results and totting up the points in your wallet. It’s up to you to place another bet with your points or withdraw them to your bank account or other withdrawal methods.


1How to add points?

Answer: We are working with Automatic Point Add System. You can add points by clicking "Add Points" button available in wallet section. Once you fill the required amount and process it, we will show you all UPI systems installed in your mobile. You can pick any payment UPI and pay with UPI. Once your payment is received in our wallet, we will add points your wallet automatically and all this process is automatic.

Note- In some cases when online UPI system is not working, you can drop a message to us on WhatsApp number to add points manually.

2How to withdraw points?

RR Starline introduce a very fast and trusty withdrawal system. You can add your Bank Accounts(PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM) from your profile section). Once you added minimum one payment method, you can create withdraw request for available points in your wallet. Please note that we are allowing timely withdraw i.e. you can withdraw your points in a specified time slot which can see in Withdraw screen and we need maximum 24 working to complete your withdraw request.

3How to transfer points?

We have enabled few accounts to transfer points. If your account is enabled for Transfer Points, you can transfer points from your wallet to other person�s wallet anytime.

4 How to add withdraw methods?

In wallet section, we have given option to add your withdraw methods. You can add PhonePe, Google Pay or PayTM and withdraw points from your wallet to any specified withdraw method.

5 How to manage my wallet?

You can check complete wallet transactions from Wallet History section. We have given filter option to check transactions between a date range.

6 How to play games?

We have designed very simple and best gaming experience. You can pick any Game which is currently running and choose any Game type(Single Paana, Double Paana etc.). In bid form you can choose session, digit/panna and number of points you want to play. Once you are confirmed about your bid you can place a final submission and your bid is successfully processed.

7 How to check my bid history?

You can check complete wallet bidding transactions from Bid History section. We have given filter option to check transactions between a date range.

8 How to check my win history?

You can check complete wallet winning transactions from Win History section. We have given filter option to check transactions between a date range.

9 How to change my login password?

We suggest you to change your login password on regular time interval. If you want to change your login password, you can choose from settings section. In that screen, you need to enter your current password and new password. If your details a correctly verified, your password will be updated immediately.

10 How to change my M-Pin?

We suggest you to change your M-Pin on regular time interval. If you want to change your login M-Pin, you can choose from settings section. In that screen, you need to enter your current M-Pin and new M-Pin. If your details a correctly verified, your M-Pin will be updated immediately.

11 What are main game rates?

We are giving the best winning rate in current market rate. You can check game rates from "Game Rates" button available in home screen.

12 What are Starline game rates?

We are giving the best winning rate in current market rate. You can check Starline game rates from "Game Rates" button available in Starline section.

13 I want to submit call back request.

We are available on live chat 24X7 but if you want discuss about any issues on a voice call, you can submit your Call Back request and our executive will call you to discuss. Don't worry, we are trying to give instant support to our valuable customers and we will try to call you ASAP.